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    abacus Islington - the Tax and Accounting experts

    Optimising profitability and minimising tax obligations

    abacus Islington Ltd provides tangible and intangible value. Our objective is to minimize the tax exposure of our clients while adhering to all tax legislature. The bigger picture means that we are providing peace of mind for our clients - they are legally using their financial resources in the most productive manner possible. We work to make the complex understandable. We act in an advisory role to our clients that will enable them to better influence and optimize their personal and/or corporate wealth. We desire to make them more money and give them a better night's sleep.

    We strive to consistently be perceived as a firm that is professional, trustworthy, accurate, and timely. abacus Islington Ltd will offer the innovative approach you need to reach your business and personal financial goals. Wealth is good.

    Our services offer expertise to enable our clients to better realize their financial objectives.

    Accomplishing this for our clients falls into these basic service areas:-

    Business Clients

      • Tax advising, planning, preparation and filing
      • Statutory Accounts preparation and Submission to relevant bodies
      • VAT, Payroll and miscellaneous day-to-day accounting functions
      • Monthly Management Accounts. Cash flow preparations and analysis
      • Consulting services, including:-
        • Virtual Finance Director
        • Business/ Marketing plans for Start-ups & Growing Businesses
        • Company secretary/ registered office & admin centre roles
        • Limited company formation

    Individual Clients

      • Tax advising, planning, preparation and filing for individuals
      • Consulting services, including:-
        • Personal Financial Planning (general)
        • Liaising on your behalf with HM Revenue and Customs

    For a free, no obligation consultation please call abacus accountants Islington on 0203 740 6877 or 0844 050 2293*. We will be delighted to introduce you to our efficient and friendly service and explain how we can bring real benefits to your business.

    * See 'Contact Us' section for details of call charges.

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    About Us

    Noel Aloko, abacus 64, Camden, Hampstead, Islington, Stoke Newingtonabacus Islington Ltd, headed by Noel Aloko, offers a unique network of professional accounting and bookkeeping staff with proven expertise as business consultants. Utilizing the latest software that continues to enhance our productivity and expand our capacity. We do more than prepare taxes. We also provide a variety of valuable services that enable a business to optimize their profitability and minimize their tax exposure. We work to offer our services in an innovative manner to create a source for business planning solutions that will be difficult to emulate. We offer a premium level of service.

    Our Senior Statutory Accountant, a Chartered Certified Accountant with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Economics and a Masters Of Science Degree in General Management; and with a vast SME experience acquiring vital practical and professional skills.

    Providing quality service is critical. Our business and individual clients judge our competence based on how we treat them. This is their primary – and in many cases their only – measurement of our capabilities. They ask themselves the following about our firm:-
      • Do they act in a professional manner?
      • Do they know who I am?
      • Do they remember my name?
      • Are they genuinely concerned about my best interest?
      • Will they actively support and defend their advice and council if needed?

    Our services must be strong enough that each of our clients will answer positively to these questions.

    Privacy Notice

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    Contact Us

    Please use any of the following means to make contact with us:-

    Contact:Mr Noel Aloko
    Position:Managing Director
    0844 050 2293
    0203 740 6877
    Fax:0207 424 7801
    85-87 Bayham Street
    NW1 0AG
    Registered address:
    abacus Islington Ltd
    3a Blue Sky Way
    Monkton Business Park South
    Tyne and Wear
    NE31 2EQ
    Company Number:6705038
    VAT Number:939- 1995- 66

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